Technology Keynote Speakers for Events

The world is undergoing a period of dynamic change and its heart is technology.

IRT Media’s keynote technology speakers and moderators work at the heart of these changes – many are the innovators who propelled the changes. For digital transformation speakers, cyber security speakers, artificial intelligence speakers, social media speakers or business speakers we have an array leaders and experts who can articulate and dissect the way the world is changing and what the future holds.

These are digital transformation speakers who can share their anecdotes and experience, ensuring an event you’ll never forget.


Sonya Barlow

Specialist Topics Diversity Inclusion Neurodiversity Future of work Tech Digital AI Confidence Imposter syndrome Failure Resilience Careers Soft skills Personal Brand Travel Gender Equality Social Media Professional Development Business Entrepreneurship Belonging Exclusive Agent Sonya Barlow is an award-winning BBC Presenter, Entrepreneur, Author and Keynote Speaker. A Travel and Tech Content Creator, [...]


Sasha Qadri

Presenter, Moderator, Event Host with a background encompassing Bloomberg, Sky News, Reuters, CNBC, Channel 4 News. Specialist in business, finance, sustainability and technology