The Flexible Method

IRT Media Group had the pleasure of helping James Burstall promote his new book, “The Flexible Method: Prepare to prosper in the next global crisis”.

The book provides readers with a framework to prepare for any crisis that may come their way, and as an experienced business consultant, James Burstall has a wealth of knowledge to offer.

James Burstall with his book The Flexible Method

To promote “The Flexible Method,” IRT utilized a comprehensive online PR strategy. Our team targeted relevant online publications, influencers, and bloggers to reach a wider audience, quickly getting to No 1 rankings in Google and Bing search.

According to IRT CEO, Ian Tonge “Our goal was to create buzz around the book and generate interest among readers. We utilised digital marketing techniques to ensure maximum reach and engagement. By targeting specific audiences through digital outreach, we were able to generate significant interest in the book.

We distributed to various online publications, including major online news outlets. Our online PR strategy was a success in generating buzz around the book. Within a few days it was a No 1 bestseller!’

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